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The image format of the map is either not supported or the map was not found! A map file named "_map.jpg" should be in the folder:
C:\Documents and Settings\Arjen van Ginkel\Mijn documenten\Mijn afbeeldingen\30-04-2007\verkleind

You have 3 solutions:
  1. Use the no-map template for the whole album by selecting the no-map template in the JAlbum/PositionMap GUI, or
  2. Use the no-map template only for pages which don't have a map inside by selecting 'smart no-map' in the JAlbum/PositionMap GUI, or
  3. Put in the above mentioned folder a file "" indicating that you want to use a template which doesn't need a map (see online help for more details please)
Thereafter recreate the photo album please.
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